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You have a digital product, like an ebook, that you cannot wait to sell. It may just be an idea at this point or it may be ready to be sold. You’re excited and drunk off that entrepreneurial Kool Aid! The problem (if you haven’t found this out already, you will soon) is how do you actually sell your product online? The choices seem endless: WordPress, ecommerce site creator, build yourself etc etc. Each has its pros and cons. The more customized it is, the more control and freedom you have. But the cost is higher. The easier it is to launch and the more work that is done for you through a service, the cheaper it seems. At first, that is. As you’ll eventually find out, you are stuck overpaying for the service over time. This is about where the entrepreneurial buzz turns into a hangover and most people give up. But not you!

Are You Ready to Blastoff Your Ecommerce Site?

Here is what you get with BlastoffCode’s Ecommerce store:

Technology Specifications

  • Ruby on Rails for web development

  • Bootstrap for the front end

  • Stripe for payment processing

  • Sendgrid for email delivery

  • Active Admin for an admin panel

Product Specifications

  • As an admin user, I can add new products to sell with the price being automatically sent to Stripe

  • The product would be for digital products that have a download link that is shown after a purchase is made

  • As a visitor (not a logged in user), I can buy a product

  • As a user, I can buy a product

  • As a customer, I will receive an email receipt whether I am a logged in as a user or a visitor

  • As a visitor, after a purchase is made, I can sign up as a user, using the same email address used for the purchase, and see my purchased product

  • As a user, I cannot buy a product twice

You may be wondering how much would this cost to build from scratch? After fielding over 50 quotes from developers, the average (and median, coincidentally) estimate was a cost of $10,000 over 8 weeks.

2 months and $10k?? Not for you. Ever since I built my first startup and paid over $17k to launch an MVP (and make $0), I started BlastoffCode to help entrepreneurs do it better. You’ll get what you need to launch your own ecommerce business today:

Code for your own ecommerce platform

A guide to get it setup

And you’ll get it for a single payment of $499. Not a monthly subscription and definitely not $10k! Most importantly, you’ll save yourself months and by launching it today.

Blastoff your Ecommerce Platform for only $499.00

Let me keep it 💯 with you: if you don’t love BlastoffCode’s Ecommerce Platform within the first 7 days of purchasing it, email us and we’ll refund every penny immediately. Word.