Online Learning Platform

Online Learning Platform

Have you heard that the market for online courses is over $100 Billion. Yup, with a B! And the courses range from everything from mastering Excel to public speaking and everything in between, like knitting :)

What was that? You have a skill that others may want to have? And you’d like a delicious piece of the $100B pie??

The problem is that to turn your skill(s) into an online course, there are 3 main options, neither of which is simple:

1. Launch it on someone else’s site and only keep a portion of your money

2. Pay a monthly subscription for a Wordpress plugin

3. Pay a developer to build it from scratch

With BlastoffCode’s online learning platform, you will launch an online course(s) on your own domain today without the burden of a monthly subscription for an outside service. You will OWN your own business and platform.

If you wanted to build this yourself with outsourced developers, it’d cost you $10k* and take 9 weeks! Here are the specifications I asked 71 developers to quote me on and, coincidentally, the exact features you’d get with BlastoffCode’s online learning platform:

*For the statistically inclined aka smartasses: mean(average) and median cost based on 71 quotes were $9,723 and $10,000, respectively. Time to build was 9.2 and 11 weeks for the mean and median, respectively.

Technology Specifications

  • Ruby on Rails for web development

  • Bootstrap for the front end

  • Stripe for payment processing

Product Specifications

  • As an admin user, I can embed videos from my video hosting site of choice (YouTube/Wistia/Vimeo) for my course preview video and each lesson

  • As an admin user, I can add new courses that can be viewed by paying members and would include a preview video

  • As an admin user, I can add new lessons to courses that only paying members can see

  • As a visitor, I can subscribe to a monthly membership and become a paying user

  • Paying members would pay a monthly fee to access the courses

  • As a visitor, I can view a course and the preview video

Ever since I built my first startup and paid over $17k to launch an MVP (and make $0), I started BlastoffCode to help entrepreneurs do it better. You’ll get what you need to launch your own online learning business today:

Code for your own online learning platform

A guide to get it setup

And you’ll get it for a single payment of $499. Not a monthly subscription and definitely not $10k! Most importantly, you’ll save yourself months and by launching it today.

Blastoff your Online Learning Platform for only $499.00

Let me keep it 💯 with you: if you don’t love BlastoffCode’s Online Learning Platform within the first 7 days of purchasing it, email us and we’ll refund every penny immediately. Word.