101 Website Traffic Ideas

how to get website traffic

Personal Links for Website Traffic 🙌🏼

1. Link in email signature

2. Link in your own LinkedIn profile

3. Link in your Skype profile

4. Link in your WhatsApp profile

5. Link in your SnapChat profile

6. Link in your Instagram bio

7. Link in your GitHub page

8. Link in your Google+ profile

9. Link in your Twitter Profile

10. Include link in Vine profile

11. Link in your Facebook profile

12. Link in your Medium profile

3rd Party Links for Website Traffic 🎉

13. Create a Wikipedia page for your company

14. Create an about.me company page

15. Post in Hacker News

16. Comment on relevant blogs with a link

17. Comment on relevant YouTube videos

18. Share pictures on Flickr

19. Comment on presentations in SlideShare

20. Sponsor a meetup (i.e. buy 3 pizza pies)

21. Post job listings

22. Post on Craigslist

23. Submit your site to AllTop.com

24. Submit a link to Digg

25. Submit a link to StumbleUpon

26. Create a cheap/free book on Amazon that links back to your site

27. Create a tumblr blog

28. Start a squarespace blog

29. Start a blogger blog: use google domains, use blogger to launch lightweight sites that link back to your main site

30. Use your articles as Wikipedia references

31. Use Snip.ly to drive traffic through articles you share

32. Post your company on Betali.st

33. Post your company on Erli Bird

34. Post your company on StartupLi.st

35. Create a company AngelList page

36. Create a company Crunchbase page

37. Submit your articles on ezinearticles.com

38. Post articles on hubpages.com and include link to your site

39. Release PR on PR Newswire

40. Release PR on PRLog.org

41. Post your pages on scoop.it

42. Submit your site to Google News

Drive Website Traffic with Partnerships 🎎

43. Create your own presentations on SlideShare

44. Attend a meetup

45. Present at a meetup

46. Create a course on Udemy linked to your site

47. Guest blog on relevant blogs

48. Post a deal on AppSumo

49. Post a deal on StackSocial

50. Become a contributor on HuffingtonPost

51. Become a contributor on Inc

52. Become a contributor on Entrepreneur magazine

53. Become a contributor on Buzzfeed

54. Become a contributor on LifeHacker

55. Write articles on Medium

56. Write LinkedIn articles with links to your site

57. Use HARO to get your site in articles

58. Share your product on ProductHunt

59. Create a Teachable course

60. Teach on CreativeLive

61. Post a deal on MightyDeals.com

Use Affiliates to Get Traffic 💁🏻

62. Create an affiliate deal on Commission Junction

63. Create an affiliate deal on ClickBank

64. Create an affiliate deal on ShareASale

65. Create an affiliate deal on affiliate.com

66. Create an affiliate deal on JVZoo

67. Create an affiliate deal on PeerFly

Community Involvement for the Traffic Win 👫 👭 👬

68. Twitter company account

69. Facebook group

70. Facebook company page

71. Post in Facebook groups

72. Pinterest company page

73. Start a subreddit

74. Post in subreddits

75. Start a Slack community

76. Post in Slack communities

77. Start a LinkedIn company page

78. Post in LinkedIn groups

79. Start a LinkedIn group

80. Post in Yahoo Groups

81. Post in Google Groups

82. Start a meetup

83. Post questions in Quora

84. Answer questions on Quora

85. Start a podcast

86. Get interviewed on a podcast

87. Post a video on YouTube

88. Post in Google+ communities

89. Host a webinar

90. Host periscope sessions

91. Create Pinterest boards

Buy Website Traffic with Ads

92. Twitter Ads

93. LinkedIn Ads

94. Facebook Ads

95. Google Search Ads

96. Google Display Ads

97. Pinterest Ads

98. Instagram Ads

99. Reddit Ads

100. Bing ads

101. Yahoo ads

Happy launching 🚀 💸 !