5 Golden Rules to Growth Hacking Reddit for 1k+ Visitors Per DAY

get 1k+ visitors per day from reddit

Made to-do list at 9:15am, wasted another day on reddit by 4:15pm.


Fastest way for a first time entrepreneur to lose that initial fire is to LAUNCH.

Before Blastoffcode, I worked on a fantasy football site. You know the drill: spent a few thousand on building it, promoted it where I thought traffic would come from and then the rude awakening came when my Google Analytics looking like Hilary Clinton's donation page after the election.

Worse part was telling my wife I can’t get visitors to my site. Sorry hunny!!

Luckily, after a few lonngg weeks, I got my groove back with some traffic and it was all thanks to reddit. One day I was doing 10 visitors, the day after it was at 1,700 🎉. And it was from one reddit post.

get 1k+ visitors per day from reddit

In case you’re curious, the subreddit was https://www.reddit.com/r/fantasyfootball/

WARNING: you’re not going to get fluff here like ‘What is reddit?’ ‘Find relevant subreddits to post in’ and my personal favorite ‘Be genuine.’


Others got you covered for those knowledge bombs 💣.

Here, you’re just getting my 5 golden rules for growth hacking reddit.

1. 2nd is just 1st loser

If you’d like to feel Reddit’s wrath, repost something that is already up in the subreddit. Here’s a PG example of what to expect if you do.. from personal experience:

get 1k+ visitors per day from reddit

Make sure you’re first to break news or don’t even bother.

How to actually do this:

Follow top contributors and news reports in your niche. Try Twitter for this.

Example: for fantasy football, I’d follow each of the 32 teams’ beat writers.

When they post breaking news, quickly post it on Reddit.

A lot of the the link posts on reddit are from Twitter and tend to get high engagement.

2. 10 points earned through comments before posting

Before even thinking about posting your site/service to a subreddit, earn redditors’ trust by engaging with them in the comments. And make the comments so good that redditors upvote them subsequently earning you points and credibility in that community. Some subreddits even force you to get a certain number of points in the comments before being able to post. But even if they don’t, you should still impose the rule on yourself: 10 points earned in the subreddit before posting.

To get those 10 points, keep your comments positive, brief and funny or entertaining. Seems logical but there is a lot negative feedback on reddit and tons of comments that simply say ‘thanks.’ Greaattt. By doing your commenting more thoughtfully, you’ll quickly stand out in a good way and build goodwill with the moderators of that particular subreddit.

3. 5:1 comments to posts ratio

Participants and owners of a subreddit will fight tooth and nail to protect the purity of the content posted. If they even catch a whiff of marketing or sales speak, brace yourself as you might be brought to tears. Here’s an example of reddit at its best:

get 1k+ visitors per day from reddit

Kinda unrelated but damn is Reddit funny. Anyways..

And if their comments don’t deliver the message, they’ll ban you from posting in that subreddit and possibly ban your site across all of Reddit. Should there be a name for this ban? How about Reddit Kiss of Death? Or Reddit’s Finishing Move? Here’s the warning I received:

get 1k+ visitors per day from reddit

All of your posts and comments are publicly available for anyone to see. So if a moderator of the subreddit you are posting in is checking your history, good to show you are contributing to the group and not being spammy af.

Pretty sure that some moderators take payments to allow sponsored posts. Hard to prove but have definitely seen some self-promotion posts pinned to the top of subreddits as moderator announcements ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

4. 3:1 text posts to links and/or self promotion

get 1k+ visitors per day from reddit

Taking a look at today’s (11/7/2016) top posts in my target subreddit, you can see 4 out of 6 of the top posts are labeled ‘self’ meaning the posts don’t link out to another site.

At least with this subreddit and others I have followed, this tends to be the case where text posts get more engagement over link posts. Note that unlike Facebook, reddit is only controlled by users upvoting each post so there is no algorithm pushing link posts down. However, text posts may include links in the body of the post, just the click throughs won’t be as high as just a link post. When you do start posting, make the majority of your posts text without linking out to your site or any other.

5. 1 week: MINIMUM before posting another self promotion link in the same subreddit

This goes back to subreddit moderators checking up on your previous posts. Make sure your stream doesn’t look like:

‘Hey, Check Out My Site’ [LINK]

‘Enjoy Some Terrible Content with Ads’ [LINK]


If you’re keeping track, we have posted at least 5 comments in a subreddit earning us 10 points from them. Then, we’ve posted 3 text posts before a link one. Yup, between each of those posts we’ve commented at least 5 times on our own posts and others’.

Now you’re ready. When you do post that link to get traffic, make sure to reply to comments and keep the engagement going.

Happy Redditing!