How to Get Google Adsense Approval in 2 Weeks for a Brand New Site

Get Google Adsense Approval in 2 Weeks

Buzzfeed ain’t got shit on your content 📈!


You’re thinking about starting a blog or content site. Then you think 'how do I monetize my blog 💰?'

The most popular solution is to place ads on your site.

Google adsense approved

Looking good 👌!

The most common ad placement service is Google AdSense. But getting setup has become tricky of late.

Let’s do it step by step together.

Though these instructions are for brand new sites, you can use the lessons to do it for an existing site too.

For getting AdSense approval, we’re going to do everything within Google’s products. The reason being is Google is the most important search engine in the world (have you ever heard someone Yahoo something😂?) and we’ll be using its ad service. By playing within Google’s products and blogging platform, we virtually guarantee that our site will be easily crawled by Google. Plus you’ll get the added benefit of hosting your blog for free!

Here’s how I got a brand new site approved by Google AdSense in just 2 weeks.

1. Buy your domain on Google Domains

Blastoffcode has zero affiliation 😇 other than being a user of the services. Google Domains is just the best for purchasing domains. It’ll be clearer why we’re going with it soon.

buy on google domains to get adsense approval

2. Setup your domain with Blogger

You know Blogger, Wordpress’s ugly step child that Google bought! When you’re setting up your blogger page, make sure you’re signed in with the same account you bought your domain with. Then you’ll see the domain there as option. Lets take a closer look how to do this

setup blogger to get adsense approval

Create a new blog on Blogger

change blogger settings to get adsense approval

In Blogger settings, change the HTTPS from 'no' to 'yes.'

change blogger domain to get adsense approval

In the blog address section, click the link that says 'Setup a Google Domains URL for your blog.'

change blogger domain to your own to get adsense approval

Now choose the domain you want!

By choosing it, you’ll get free blog hosting. Woohoo!

Make sure you’re using the root domain (, not a subdomain ( Don’t worry, this is temporary until you get Google AdSense approval.

3. Create about me, contact, privacy policy and terms of services pages

If this is a daunting task, you can pay $5 on fiverr to have someone do it. That’s what I did.

4. Write 30 original articles

Yup, 30!


The articles don’t have to be literary masterpieces ✍ 📚, you just have to create 30 150-400 word articles. Throw in some pictures while you’re at it. What’s important is that they are original. That is why it is very important to not outsource this part. It only takes 10-15 minutes per article. Write 3x per day and you will be done in 10 days BOOM.

How to come up with the 30 articles? When I was looking AdSense approval for my fantasy football site, I looked for football news and re-wrote that piece of news in my own words. How do you think other news outlets do it :). Done. Follow writers related to your subject on Twitter and you’ll get plenty of ideas.

I understand your site will not be on Blogger permanently. But when you’re writing these 30 articles, make sure they are related to the topic you plan to have your final site on. If you plan on having a beauty products blog, make sure these 30 posts are related beauty products and topics.

5. Submit to get AdSense Approved!

You’re waiting for this email:

adsense approval email

If you get this email 😡 😠, don't fret:

adsense declined email

If you’re declined by AdSense when you apply, don’t re-apply for at least one week. Write an additional 20 short posts and you should be all set.

NOTE: Google AdSense does require sites in certain countries to be at least 6 months old.

Follow the instructions from there. Throw your first ad up on your Blogger page and you are all set! You have an approved Google AdSense account woohoo!!

Now go show Buzzfeed what you’re made of and get that AdSense money 📈 🏦

Happy launching 🚀💸 !